von Stroheim

Musically speaking, von Stroheim is somewhere in the galaxy of doom metal. However, rather than sticking strictly to the genre’s aesthetics, the band is following a course of its own. von Stroheim adds to doom’s relentlessness and heaviness a desire to make music that is evocative of cinematic atmospheres, borrowing elements from various styles: post‐metal, film scores, spoken word, kraut rock even…

Von Stroheim as the missing link between Electric Wizard and Ennio Morricone. This has made von Stroheim comfortable enough to open for bands such as Jucifer or Martin Bisi (producer of The Dresden Dolls, Swans, Sonic Youth…).

Sing For Blood

by von Stroheim (B)


Limited edition of 150 hand numbered copies in recycled kraft gatefold Arigato with printed inserts.

Count Erich Oswald Marc Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenwall (born Eric Oswald Stroheim) was an American actor‐screenwriter‐author‐director of Austrian origin. Visionary, subversive, ambitious, cynical, a fabulator and a genius, Erich von Stroheim directed films in which sex, handicap, power and money often played a key role. Within the puritan context of the 1920’s, he was often misunderstood. The trio chose his name as a tribute to his free spirit.